GEMPLER'S 1-Gal. Spray Tank Cleaner

Item No: PL10
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Product Information

GEMPLER'S 1-Gal. Spray Tank Cleaner does what a plain water rinse can't do

GEMPLER'S 1-Gal. Spray Tank Cleaner effectively cleans your spray tank and spray system and eliminates pesticide carryover. GEMPLER'S spray tank cleaner removes pesticide and adjuvant residues left behind on the inner tank walls and holds them in its own solution to allow for total rinsing and system purging. This cleaner is completely soluble and counteracts the harmful effects of minerals commonly found in hard water conditions that can clog your spray system. GEMPLER'S Spray Tank Cleaner disperses readily in water and requires no dissolving. There are no granules to clog nozzles or disrupt effective spraying. One gal. makes up to 400 gal. of solution. Guaranteed to work!

2016 Master Catalog: Page 327

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