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Tomcat Bait Chunx, 4-lb. Pail

Item No: G79700
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Product Information

Rat and Mouse Bait

TOMCAT rat and mouse bait is a low-cost way to control rat or mouse problems. Rats and mice find this bait irresistible. Works well as a maintenance bait after you've knocked out a major infestation and want to keep any subsequent rodents under control. 4-lb. pail of Bait Chunx. USA made.
NOTE: Cannot be sold or shipped to Alaska, U.S. Territories or International.

2016 Master Catalog: Page 494

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Active ingredient:Diphacinone
Lethal dose: Rat:12 Grams
Lethal dose: Mouse:20 Grams
Bait form:Formulated dry bait
Bait appearance:Polygonal block
Bait color:Pale green
Odor:Sweet grain-like
1 oz equals:28.35 Grams
Mode of action:Anticoagulant
Effectiveness:5-7 days
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