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IPF Pest Foam

Item No: G78410
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Product Information

Seal out insects and rodents with professional foam

Foam fills cracks, slits and holes with long-lasting seals. Closed-cell foam stops the passage of most insects and small animals. It also stops water, gas, smoke, radon and dirt, and will not shrink or harden with age. Dispensed through the foam gun, this system assures professional placement of the exact amount of foam required to seal any gap. Natural scented spices are added to this polyurethane foam sealant. These added spices release an aroma that is an added deterrent for sealing out insects, rodents, birds and small animals. Delivers 2,200 cu. in. of foam that can produce a 1/2" diameter bead of sealant over 960 linear feet. Must be applied with a foam applicator gun (sold separately, Item No. G78430).
NOTE: Foam can not be shipped by air.

NOTE: There will be an additional shipping charge when ordering this item due to special handling per D.O.T. regulations. For specific details, please contact us or call us at 1-800-382-8473.

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