Mosquito Barrier -- 1 Gallon

Item No: G77380
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Just one spraying of all natural Mosquito Barrier® kills mosquitoes, ticks, fleas, gnats, fire ants and black flies immediately upon spraying and keeps them out of your yard and away from your home, 24 hours a day for nearly a month. Odor disappears in about 30 minutes. Mosquito Barrier is a strong liquid garlic that is diluted in water and sprayed on grass, shrubs, flowers and trees. Three-pronged attack is accomplished with just one spraying. First it kills the adult mosquitoes on contact. Second the garlic-coated plants keep mosquitoes out of the area. Last it suffocates any mosquito larvae in standing water, such as puddles or depressions in lawns, etc. Safe for children, pets and plants. 1-gal. container treats 5 acres. USA made.

NOTE: Cannot be sold or shipped to Idaho, Kansas, Wyoming, U.S. Territories or International.

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