200'L Nylon Coated Steel Tape Measure

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Item No: G71840
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Take surveyor quality measurements

This 200'L Nylon Coated Steel Tape Measure won't rust and stays accurate over its entire length giving you a lifetime of high-accuracy work outdoors. This tape measure is constructed to be highly break and damage resistant under the toughest field conditions and stays accurate in extreme temperature conditions. The heavier weight means less wind drift and the nylon coating gives improved flexibility. The plastic open reel allows dirt and debris to fall from tape without clogging the mechanism and a 3:1 zip line gear ratio gives you a faster rewind. Double-throat rollers prevent tape from twisting. Tape is 1/2"W, single sided and measures in feet and inches in 1/8" increments. 200'L. Rugged ABS plastic reel. Washable. Imported.

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2016 Master Catalog: Page 442