N/A Fiberglass Measuring Tape 50' Closed Case

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Product Information

Keson® Fiberglass measuring tapes are designed to withstand more wear and tear

? Non-conducting
? Flexible

Fiberglass measuring tape is non-conducting for electrical hazard protection on all types of jobs with a proven dielectric strength of 200,000 V/M. This tape contains more fiberglass strands for greater tensile strength and superior accuracy when tension is applied. Flexible enough to go around corners and over rough terrain while still affording accurate measurements. Temperature correction is not necessary. The lifetime metal case is coated with a protective rust inhibitive, then covered with a protective poly-vinyl chloride. The flush-folding handle makes this tape easy to transport. Double-throat rollers guide the blade return to prevent twisting. Double-sided: white side reads feet, inches and 1/8" and yellow side reads feet, 1/10 feet and 1/100 feet. Length 50 feet.

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