2,000,000 BTU Jet Torch

Item No: G50008
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Quickly kills heavy weeds and brush

This 2,000,000 BTU jet torch easily knocks down heavy weeds and brush without using any harsh or dangerous chemicals. This high-capacity torch is ideal for flaming road and irrigation ditches, fence rows, culverts and other hard-to-reach areas. The torch maintains a pilot flame and is triggered to full flame with a convenient squeeze valve at the handle. Aluminum tubing facilitates the jet action, which makes this torch light and easy to handle. Kit includes torch with squeeze valve, regulator, 25'L LP-gas hose, P.O.L. fitting and pipe thread sealant. We recommend no less than a 100-lb. vapor cylinder (not included). Flame reaches up to 6'L. Torch is 7'L. 8 lbs. USA made.

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