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Drive-thru Electric Gate

Item No: G1234
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Gate is pushed open by your vehicle and closes on its own

No more stopping to latch and unlatch gates

  • Heavy-duty springs automatically close the gate
  • Flexible fiberglass polyethylene arms
  • Insulated arms allow you to walk through shock free
  • Electrical streamers hold livestock in
  • USA made

This drive-thru electric gate opens when your vehicle nudges it and swings closed automatically with heavy-duty springs. Flexible fiberglass polyethylene arms support electrical streamers that hold livestock in. Arms are also insulated so you can walk through without a shock. Electric fence energizer (not included) supplies the power for electrifying the gate. Mounting hardware and instructions included. Fits any opening 13'-19' wide. USA made.

Notice: May scratch new vehicle finishes.

2016 Master Catalog: Page 513