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Comfort Fit N95 Respirator (each)

Item No: G10857
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Product Information

The N95 respirator combines a reusable facepiece with a disposable N95 filter

Save money by replacing the filter only

  • Provides an excellent seal against your face
  • Design protects filter from collapsing
  • Built-in exhalation valve keeps you cooler
  • Adjustable harness for a custom fit
  • 95% efficient for dusts and non-oil-based mists

The Comfort Fit N95 Respirator (CFR) combines a reusable facepiece with a formed, disposable N95 filter. The design provides an excellent seal against your face, and unlike traditional N95 respirators, the filter does not come in contact with the face protecting it from sweat and moisture that can collapse a filter. Simply unsnap the tabs on both sides of the mask, pull filter cover up and place new filter in position. Facepiece is made of a soft, thermoplastic elastomer. Features of the N95 respirator include a built-in exhalation valve and an adjustable harness that allows you to hang the CFR from your neck when not in use. Facepiece comes with one N95 filter. Replacement N95 filters come 20 per box (Item 10860, sold separately). Imported. Specify size: S (ladies and young adults), M or L from the selection box above.

2016 Master Catalog: Page 22

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