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Item No: FDE25
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Product Information

Eliminates warm weather odors and liquefies manure naturally

Features of our select bacterial species:

  • Must be activated before being introduced to the pit
  • Replicates very quickly and will "eat" large amounts of waste
  • Does not produce offensive odors
  • Guaranteed 100% salmonella free
  • Accepted by the USDA; USA made

The Problem
Manure pits and lagoons vary in design and construction, but they all have one basic principle in common. they're designed to hold manure until it's removed. With time, the manure will begin to emit foul, and often toxic gases and will form an ugly crust. As time proceeds, the solid material settles to the bottom to form a hard mass that requires costly special handling when waste is removed.

How our FARM DIGESTANT works.
The bacterial species of our Digestant "eat" large amounts of waste, replicate very quickly and do not produce offensive odors. By introducing large numbers of these select bacteria into the pit on a systematic basis, these bacteria will multiply and slowly convert the entire pit into a gigantic culture of "good" bacteria as the additional view pictures demonstrate.

These spores must be activated before being introduced to the pit. Mixed in a bucket of warm water and allowed to sit for 20 minutes, they turn into a highly active, very hungry culture that's ready to go to work.

How much FARM DIGESTANT do I use and when do I start?
First determine pit size: length of pit x width of pit x depth of pit = volume in cubic feet. Then multiply this volume by the factor of 7.5 gallons/cubic feet to determine gallonage. Treatment programs are based on gallonage as illustrated below.

NOTE: Neglected pits with large quantities of accumulated solids and/or pits that have chlorine bleach or other disinfectants regularly flushed into them will require heavier treatment programs. Most detergents and cleaners, though, will not affect the bacterial digestants.

Unlike liquid digestants, ours is in spore form. This means more power per pound, lower shipping costs and longer shelf life as long as it is kept dry. Guaranteed 100% Salmonella free, it's accepted by the USDA for use in federally inspected meat and poultry plants. Like all GEMPLER'S® products, we guarantee your satisfaction with our Digestant. If you're not satisfied, we'll give you your money back.

Application Guidelines
250,000 Gallons500,000 gallons
Week 125 pounds50 pounds
Week 215 pounds30 pounds
Week 3-85 pounds20 pounds
Weekly Maintenance5 pounds10 pounds

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