Peet® Standard Boot Dryer w/ 1 pr. 12" Extensions

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Item No: E16W2
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Product Information

Boot and Shoe Dryer safely dries soaking wet footwear

Ideal for drying pac boots; leave liners in and dry both overnight

Extends the life of expensive leather footwear by allowing leather to breathe and retain its natural oils. Thermal convection drying process removes perspiration, wetness and odor from any type of shoe or boot. This unique process does not blow hot air or get hot, so all footwear is dried without shrinkage or stiffness. It also prevents damage to leather footwear from heat. Designed for use with leather, vinyl, plastic, cloth canvas and Gore-Tex ®. Silent operation is ideal for everyday household use. Accommodates children size 4 through adult size 22. Imported.

NOTE: Includes dryer and one pair of 12" extensions.

2015 Master Catalog: Page 291