N/A 3/8" stem diameter Tire Rivet Patch Repair

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Product Information

The best type of repair...you're filling the holes as well as patching it...works well on radial tires and ATVs

Pure rubber tire rivets flex, expand and contract with tire in motion. For the repair of tubeless and conventional tires, including truck tires.
Rivet Head Size: 1-5/16"
Stem Diameter: 3/8"
Tip Diameter: 1/8"

Directions for Use
1. Clean suface with pre-buffed cleaner, ream hole and buff area around injury the size of the plug head to be used. Apply rubber cement on rivet stem, head and buffed area. Allow to dry.
2. Insert wire leader, grip leader wire with pliers, pull rivet head firmly into place. When grip is released the stretched rubber stem expands to fill hole. Use stitcher and roll out base area.
3. Cut off excess stem about 1/4" above tire tread.
NOTE: Needle sold separately (#DSN).