Peet Glove Dryer Accessory, One Pair

Item No: 24211
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Product Information

Peet Glove Dryer Accessory eliminates the hassle of drying wet gloves

The Peet Glove Dryer Accessory connects to the Peet Standard Boot and Shoe Dryer, (Item # E16W), to dry your gloves and mittens from the inside out. This Peet Glove Dryer Accessory removes cold, wet and sweat from gloves and mittens with ease and is shaped like a hand so fingers are separated for fast, complete drying. Unique thermal convection drying process lets warm air rise through dryer tubes to dry gloves without shrinkage or stiffness. USA made.

NOTE: You must have the Peet Standard Boot and Shoe Dryer—Item E16W—to use this glove dryer attachment.

2016 Master Catalog: Page 291

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