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N/A Heated Wastewater Discharge Hose

We're sorry, Item No. 221699 is no longer available. If you are having trouble finding a similar product, please contact us.

Product Information

Heated wastewater discharge hose with 2" I.D. moves large volume quickly

This Heated Wastewater Discharge Hose is made with wires extruded into the inner layer of double-walled PVC hose to heat it thoroughly. A built-in ground wire connects to fittings and runs the full 25' length of hose. A 120V snap-action disc thermostat has an 18"L lead cord that's externally wired to the male fitting. Aluminum cam-lock fittings secure the 2" I.D. hose with Band-It® clamps. 360W max draw. Imported.

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