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Duration CR® Controlled-release Fertilizers

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Item No: WEB217580
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Product Information

Duration CR® Controlled-release Fertilizers

Controlled-release fertilizers slowly deliver nutrients as they break down, giving you healthy, strong plants the entire growing season. Fertilizer has a unique coating that’s resistant to mechanical abrasion and extreme temperature conditions. Safe, even fertilizer release reduces the risk of salt burn and is not affected by substrate type, pH, microorganisms or level of irrigation. 50-lb. bag. USA made. Specify formula from drop down box above.

Product Formula Life Uses Item No. WAS Price
Homogenous NPK 14-14-14 120 days Greenhouse/Landscape 217580 $90.00
Homogenous NPK 19-6-2 180 days Greenhouse/Landscape 217581 $90.00
Homogenous NPK 18-6-12 270 days Greenhouse/Landscape 217582 $90.00
NPK+ Minors 16-6-12 90 days Greenhouse/Landscape 217583 $90.00
Nursery Blend 20-4-9 180 days Containers 217584 $84.50
Top Dress Blend 24-4-10 120 days Greenhouse/Containers 217585 $65.50
Top Dress Blend 14-7-7 N/A Greenhouse/Containers 217586 $55.30