2000ml Refill of E2 Foam Sanitizing Soap (2/pk.)

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Product Information

Foam soaps save both time and money with more hand washings using less soap

Instant lather spreads quickly and evenly over your hands

  • Recommended for food processing applications (USDA authorized)
  • One push provides thorough coverage and requires less water
  • More than 2,800 washes on one refill
  • Germ-killing antibacterial soap
  • USA made

You'll get significantly more hand washings out of this GOJO® foam soap system than traditional liquid soap dispensers. Air is infused into the soap as it's dispensed, creating an instant lather that spreads evenly and quickly over your hands. Just one push delivers enough foam for thorough coverage and requires less water. Germ-killing antibacterial soap. Each 2000ml refill lasts for more than 2,800 washes. "E-2" rated cleanser is recommended for food processing applications (USDA authorized). USA made.

2014 Master Catalog: Page 495


  • MSDS - 2000ml Refill of E2 Foam Sanitizing Soap (2/pk.) MSDS Sheet
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