Extreme-duty Polypropylene Towing Rope

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Item No: WEB212618
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Product Information

Extreme-duty Polypropylene Towing Rope

Tows between 125,000 to 600,000 lbs

  • Feature two heavy duty d-rings
  • Extremely strong tow rope is lighter than chain
  • USA made

Stronger, lighter and safer than other towing options. Designed for the sole purpose of towing. Polypropylene rope only stretches 10-14% of its length – other types of rope can stretch up to 40%. This reduces dangerous recoil if the rope ever breaks. Resistant to diesel fuel, battery acid, oil, gasoline, hydraulic fluid and fertilizers. UV resistant. Ropes feature two extremely strong D-rings. See chart below for options. USA made. Specify towing capacity from drop down box above. NOTE: Never attach rope to a chain or to any attachment point with a lower-rated strength than the original rope.

Towing Capacity Length Rope Diameter Rope Ends Typical Applications Item Number
125,000 lbs. 40’ 4” Two D-rings Large Combines 212618
150,000 lbs. 40’ 5” Two D-rings Track Vehicles 212619
175,000 lbs. 40’ 6” Two D-rings Track Vehicles 212620
200,000 lbs. 40’ 7” Two D-rings Track Vehicles 212621
300,000 lbs. 40’ 8” Two D-rings Track Vehicles 212622
400,000 lbs. 40’ 10” Two D-rings Track Vehicles 212623
600,000 lbs. 40’ 12” Two D-rings Track Vehicles 212624