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8-oz. Extreme-duty Brown Tarps

Item No: WEB212282
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8-oz. Extreme-duty Brown Tarps

The heaviest-weight tarps we sell!

These super-duty heavyweight tarps provide extremely strong protectionfrom the elements when a lighter tarp may let you down. The keyis having polyethylene tapes woven into the fabric, which is then laminatedon both sides to create a tear-resistant barrier that can handleany weather conditions. Features heat-sealed seams, brass grommets every18" and rope-reinforced hems on all edges for even greater strength.Both the poly tapes and laminations are UV stabilized for long life.Ideal for covering farm machinery or keeping firewood dry. Browncolor. Imported. Select size from drop down box above.

NOTE: Actual finished size may be up to 6" shorterthan the size listed due to the tarp-making process.

NOTE: Shipped by motor freight. Charges to be determined when order is placed.