Bird Gard Super PRO Wireless Speaker System

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Item No: WEB211690
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Product Information

Bird Gard Super PRO Wireless Speaker System

Each unit repels eight different kinds of birds

Chase birds away without running wires across your property. The transmitter wirelessly operates an unlimited number of four-speaker receiver boxes with a 1,000-ft. line-of-sight radius. They broadcast bird distress sounds and predator/raptor calls over a six-acre area per unit. Eight programmable sounds scare off nuisance birds. Fully programmable with adjustable volume, specific sound combinations and daylight, night or 24-hour operation. Each receiver runs on its own 12-volt battery (not included). Battery cables included. Transmitter comes with an AC adapter and 50-ft. cord. USA made. Specify type: standard unit or crow unit from the drop down box above.

Standard Chip Sounds:

Crow Chip Sounds:

European Starling Distress

American Crow Distress

American Robin Distress

Ring-billed Gull Distress

House Finch Distress

American Crow Danger

Ring-billed Gull Distress

Common Raven Distress

Common Grackle Distress

Blue Jay Distress

Sharp-shinned Hawk Call

Black-billed Magpie Distress

Blue Jay Distress

Bald Eagle Call

Red-winged Blackbird Distress

Peregrine Falcon Call

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