Thunderbolt® Black Oxide Drill Bits

Item No: 201314
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Product Information

Thunderbolt® Black Oxide Drill Bits

Thunderbolt® Black Oxide Drill Bits last longer and drill faster than standard drill bits

Meet your drill’s new best friend. Ideal for drilling on curved surfaces, these bits feature a core that’s thicker than standard bits that protect against side-load breakage. The specially-designed parabolic flute clears chips fast to keep the bits cool and a 135° split point keeps them from “walking” for faster starts. The 3-flat shank won’t slip in the drill chuck. Reduced shank diameter for use in 3/8" chucks. Bits include two 1/16", two 5/64", a 3/32", a 7/64", two 1/8", a 9/64", a 5/32, an 11/64, two 3/16", a 13/64", a 7/32" a 15/64", two 1/4", a 5/16" a 3/8" and a 1/2". For general purpose drilling in light gauge metal, high carbon steel, aluminum, wood, plastic and fiberglass. Imported.

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