Master Lock ® Handle-on and Handle-off Ball Valve Lockout

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Item No: 198321
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Product Information

Master Lock ® Handle-on and Handle-off Ball Valve Lockout

Lightweight, compact and easy-to-use solution for ball valve lockout

Handle-On Lockout – Clamps onto the valve handle to prevent movement (handle is not removed). Can be applied to 1/4" to 4" valves. Works on insulated pipes and in confined areas. Aluminum and steel construction resists corrosion and high temperatures. Works with all Master Lock ® and American Lock ® padlocks and hasps.

Handle-Off Lockout – Eliminates the risk of valve reactivation by letting you remove the handle completely. Works effectively on valves from 3/8" to 4". Works on most valve installations (metal and PVC valves, insulated pipes, pipes mounted close to a wall or ceiling and valves with tight access due to proximity to other valves or pipes). Lightweight and flexible. Constructed of durable PVC polyester fabric and HPDE plastic. Includes a zippered compartment for storage of the handle and nut. Kit includes both. Imported.