Jaguar® Rodent Bait Place Pacs

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Product Information

Jaguar® Rodent Bait Place Pacs

Jaguar® rodenticide contain the strongest anticoagulant available for the toughest rat and mouse problems. Bait can kill in a single feeding. Rodenticide is a pelleted bait for use indoors. Sold in a bucket with 73 Place Pacs of pelleted bait. USA made.

NOTE: Not for sale in AK, CA AND WA.

2016 Master Catalog: Page 494

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Active ingredient:Brodifacoum
Lethal dose: Rat:1.0 Grams
Lethal dose: Mouse:0.16 Grams
Bait form:Formulated dry bait
Bait appearance:Pellet
Bait color:Red
Odor:Sweet grain-like
1 oz equals:28.35 Grams
Mode of action:Anticoagulant
Effectiveness:4-5 days
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