Tomcat Refillable Mouse Station With Four Blocks

Item No: 193116
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Product Information

The midsized rodent station with four blocks of fast-acting, lethal bromethalin

This refillable Tomcat mouse station contains four blocks of toxic, lethal bromethalin, one of the most efficient active ingredients in rodenticides allowed by the EPA. Kills mice in as fast as 1–2 days vs. as many as 10–12 days with first-generation anticoagulants. Refillable, multi-use station comes with four 1-oz. blocks. Resists tampering by young children. For indoor use only. USA made. Meets EPA Tier 3 safety requirements.

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Active ingredient:Bromethalin
Lethal dose: Rat:Not Applicable
Lethal dose: Mouse:1.06 Gram
Bait form:Formulated dry bait
Bait appearance:Polygonal block
Bait color:Green
Odor:Sweet grain-like
1 oz equals:28.35 Grams
Mode of action:ATP inhibitor
Effectiveness:2 days
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