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Flat-free Turf Tire and Wheel Assemblies

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Item No: WEB192199
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Product Information

Flat-free Turf Tire and Wheel Assemblies

Innovative technology makes flat tires a thing of the past

  • Stop wasting time and money repairing flats and re-seating tires that have rolled off the rim
  • Ideal for contractors who use mowers
  • No effect from weather conditions
  • USA made

These tires use closed foam technology with a locking bead to eliminate flats and roll offs, plus they last three times longer than conventional tires. There is no effect from weather conditions such as sunlight, ozone, extreme temperatures or humidity which can destroy ordinary tires. Each flat-free tire contains millions of closed-cell air bubbles that give you the shock-absorbing benefit of a traditional tire and tube. Unlike ordinary tires which can lose up to 10% of their pressure in less than 24 hours, these flat-free tires will never lose their pressure giving low rolling resistance every time. These tire and wheel assemblies are corrosion-resistant and feature sealed steel ball bearings and grease fitting. Wheel color white. All tires have 250-lb. load capacity, except Item # 167875 which as a 360-lb. load capacity. USA made. Specify tire size, hub length and axle shaft from drop down boxes above.

Size O.D. Hub Length Axle Shaft Item No.
9x3.50-4 8-3/4” 2-1/4” Offset 3/4” 192199
9x3.50-4 8-3/4” 3-1/4” Centered 5/8” 192200
9x3.50-4 8-3/4” 3-1/4” Centered 3/4” 192201
9x3.50-4 8-3/4” 4” Centered 5/8” 192202
9x3.50-4 8-3/4” 4” Centered 3/4" 192203
9x3.50-4 8-3/4” 4-1/2” Centered 3/4” 192204
15x6.00-6 14-1/2” 3” Centered 3/4" 167875