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20-watt Flexible, Foldable Solar Panels

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Item No: 192116
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20-watt Flexible, Foldable Solar Panels

Ideal for charging your batteries with free energy from the sun

Flexible, Foldable Solar Panels are portable enough to tuck away, yet still provide enough power to run or charge equipment and batteries. Use only in dry environments. Includes 12-volt female cigarette lighter adapter so you can recharge wireless devices anywhere there is sunlight. Ideal for Rapidly charging 12-volt batteries in RVs, tractors, electric fences, wildlife feeders, cars, boats, ATVs, vehicles.

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Panel Type:Foldable
Wattage:20 Watts
Operating Voltage:15.4 Volts
Operating Current:1.2 Amps
Weight:1.27 lbs.
Dimensions Open:30" X 31.7"
Dimensions Folded/Rolled:11" X 6.5" X 1"
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