Kasco K80S T8 Pesticide Helmet Battery-powered

Item No: 185994
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Product Information

Air-purifying helmet from KASCO provides respiratory protection against pesticides

  • Ideal for greenhouse spraying
  • NIOSH Approval No. TC-23C-1572

The Kasco K80S-T# helmet system is a versatile, battery-powered assembly that provides NIOSH-approved respiratory protection against pesticides requiring a TC-23C type of respirator. The 6-volt battery provides four hours of operation before it needs to be recharged.7 cubic feet of air per minute are drawn through the two organic vapor/HEPA filters. Helmet features include a flip-up visor and a tough polyurethane coated shell. Inside the helmet is an adjustable headband which fits all head sizes up to 7-7/8 and has plenty of room for glasses and beards. NIOSH Approval No. TC-23C-1572. Helmet, battery, battery charger, two pesticide filters, blower/motor unit, breathing tube, belt, electrical cables and instruction manual are included. Unit runs 4 hours on the battery. Imported. NOTE: Not for sale in CA and International.


  • Do not use KASCO helmets with fumigants unless allowed by fumigant's label.
  • Do not use them in manure pits, silos or any atmosphere where oxygen may be less than 19.5%.

NOTE: Replacement filters and parts sold separately.

2015 Master Catalog: Page 30

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