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Agratronix Soil Compaction Tester

Item No: 171279
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Agratronix Soil Compaction Tester

Check you soil for hardpan with a soil compaction tester

  • Storage areas for large and small tips
  • Includes tips for both firm and soft soils
  • Liquid filled dial is color coded for easy reading

Compacted soil can reduce crop yields, increase fuel used for tillage and reduce the effectiveness of fertilizers and pesticides. This soil compaction tester allows you to monitor your soil compaction quickly regardless of the soil type. Tester includes both a 1/2"-dia. tip for firm soils and a 3/4"-dia. tip for soft soils that can each be conveniently stored in the tester housing. Color-coded, liquid-filled dial reads in pounds per square inch of pressure it takes to penetrate the soil. 24"L stainless steel probe features depth marks every 3". USA made.

2016 Master Catalog: Page 460

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