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Haws Watering Cans

Item No: 167948
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Product Information

2.3 gal. watering can comes in a variety of bright colors

Haws watering cans offer excellent balance regardless of how full they are, meaning they're easy to handle. The tall neck prevents spillage while the can is being tipped and the two handles make it easy to carry and use. The body, base, handle, spout and spout support are all cut from mild steel and joined by interlocking flanges and spot-welded by hand. Each 2.3-gal. can is then hot-dip galvanized with molten zinc and painted for an attractive, long-lasting finish that holds up to use for many years. The brass rose can be used with the openings facing up for a fine, gentle pattern that's ideal for seedlings, or, faced down for a heavier watering pattern on established plantings. Includes a plastic filter to keep the rose from plugging. Made in England.

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