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Agratronix GMT Grind™ Grain Moisture Tester

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Product Information

Agratronix GMT Grind™ Grain Moisture Tester

  • Grinds your grain sample for easy testing
  • Can be used before, during or after harvest

This innovative tester grinds your sample and requires the smallest sample size of any portable grain moisture tester. Can be used before, during or after harvest. Very easy to use and features an accuracy of ±0.5% (below 18%). To use, turn the tester on and scroll to the grain to be tested. Unit tells you the sample size needed, whether it be a 9- or 11-ml sample, which is measured in the built-in thimbles in the handle. Pour the sample into the hardened-steel test cell and turn the handle until it reaches the stopper. Press the “test” button to display the moisture percentage. Calculates average values for up to four readings. Includes 9-volt battery, cleaning brush, hard storage case and instructions. USA made.
NOTE: Tester should be calibrated to match a reference moisture tester before use.


Number of Grains Tested:17
Screw-On Pressure Cap:No
Internal Scale:No
Different Languages:No
Moisture Range:6-50%
Test Weight Read-Out:No
Country of Origin:USA
Power Source:9V battery - included
Additional Calibrations:No
Moisture Match:Local elevator
Warranty:1 year, manufacturer
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