Toe Warmers by Heat Pax™ 10-pair Pack

Item No: 167485
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Product Information

Heat Pax Adhesive Toe Warmers - 10 pair per pack

  • Expose toe warmers to air to activate
  • Toe warmers heat up in 10 minutes
  • Provide 5 hours of warm heat
  • Use over multiple days when stored in air-tight container

Simply tear open and expose to air; toe warmers heat up in 10 minutes. Works great in boots and provides up to 5 hours of warm (137°F) controlled heat. These toe warmers have a unique, slim profile and adhesive that holds them firmly to your socks. Heating can be suspended at any time by resealing the inserts in an airtight container or plastic bag. Actual warmer measures 4" x 3". 10 pair of toe warmers per pack. Imported.

2015 Master Catalog: Page 286

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