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Heat Pax Waterproof Gloves with Warmers

Item No: 167438
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Heat Pax Waterproof Gloves with Heat Pax™ Hand Warmers

The Heat Pax Waterproof Gloves with Warmers are the ultimate in winter hand warmth! These gloves feature an interior wrist pocket and exterior pocket on the back of the glove where you can place mini hand warmers to provide warm (137°F) controlled heat for up to 8 hours. If that's not enough, these gloves have a waterproof outer, an internal membrane and a breathable lining that work together to keep your hands warm and dry. Traction grips on the palms, fingers and thumbs that help when handling wet or slippery materials and the adjustable cuffs are snug fitting to keep the heat in and cold air out. Black color. One pair of Heat Pax hand warmers included. Heat Pax Waterproof Gloves. Imported.

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2016 Master Catalog: Page 143

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