Rain Bird Gardener's Drip Irrigation Kit -- 75 sq. ft.

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Rain Bird® Gardener's Drip Irrigation Kit

  • All-in-one gardener's drip irrigation kit for landscape irrigation

Rain Bird® easy-to-use drip irrigation kit includes everything you need to water up to a 75-sq.-ft. area. Kit conforms to your landscape without digging or requiring any plumbing skills. Use the emitter tubing to water closely-spaced plantings and garden rows or the spot emitters for widely-spaced plantings. Multi-function faucet connection kit regulates pressure, filters sediment and prevents backflow.
Includes: Faucet connection kit, 50 ft. of 1/2" emitter tubing, 50 ft. of 1/2" blank tubing, 25 ft. of 1/4" blank distribution tubing, three 1/2" barbed tees, two 1/2" barbed elbows, 1/2" end closure, 10 galvanized stakes, five 1/4" barbed tees, two 1/4" barbed couplings, two 1/2" barbed couplings, five 1/4" tubing stakes, ten 1/4" tubing plugs, five 1.0-GPH emitters and one emitter tool. Covers 75 sq. ft. USA made.

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