CFValve -- Constant Flow Valve

Item No: 163124
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Product Information

CFValve™ Constant-flow Valve

  • Provides consistent spray output and less pumping
  • Consistent flow rate with ±1.5% accuracy

The CFValve™ (constant flow valve) attaches to your existing Chapin® or Solo® sprayer nozzle to help maintain a consistent flow rate with ±1.5% accuracy, regardless of pressure variations. It reduces pumping with backpack sprayers, reduces drift and saves you money by using less spray material. Valve automatically closes if the output pressure drops below the preset valve pressure. Available in 14.5-, 21-, 29- and 43.5-psi outputs, depending on your sprayer type and application. 14.5- and 21-psi valves are designed for handheld and backpack sprayers and are ideal for drift control when applying herbicides. 29- and 43.5-psi valves are designed for 12-volt and motorized sprayers, which demand higher pressures. USA made. Specify valve psi when ordering.

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