Polypropylene Towing Rope - Two D-Rings

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Item No: WEB163115
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Product Information

Polypropylene Towing Rope - Two D-Rings

Stronger, lighter and safer than other towing options

Polypropylene rope offers many advantages over other towing ropes and straps, including lighter weight, chemical resistance and less stretch. Designed for the sole purpose of towing, it is repaired by the manufacturer if ever cut or broken. Polypropylene rope only stretches 10-14% of its length, unlike other types of rope that can stretch up to 40%. This reduces dangerous recoil if the rope ever breaks. Resistant to chemicals such as diesel fuel, battery acid, oil, gasoline, hydraulic fluid and fertilizers. UV resistant. See chart below for options. USA made.

NOTE: Never attach rope to a chain or to any attachment point with a lowerrated strength than the original rope.

Towing Capacity Length Rope Diameter Rope Ends Typical Applications Item No.
50,000 lbs. 30’ 2” Two D-rings Large 2-wheel Drive Tractors 163115
75,000 lbs. 30’ 2-1/2” Two D-rings Large 4-wheel Drive Tractors, Semis 163117
100,000 lbs. 30’ 3” Two D-rings Combines and Fertilizer Spreaders 163119