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Nitrate Test Kit for Dry Forage

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Item No: 160353
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Product Information

Designed specifically for agricultural applications

  • Test nitrate levels in dry feeds
  • Five- or 25-test kits

We have finally found an easy-to-use dry forage nitrate test that will give you results in 30 minutes. Now you can eliminate the hassles, time and expense of sending samples to a lab. Everything you need to test nitrate levels is included in each kit, including a standard to compare to the color of your individual samples. Protect your livestock against nitrate toxicity in dry feeds with this kit. Ideal for testing baled hay. Testing range is 0-2,000 ppm and the standard is 0-1,000 ppm nitrate-N. Five-test kits include one standard, and 25-test kits include five standards. Instructions included. USA made. Specify either five- or 25-test kit.
NOTE: 1 ppm nitrate-N = 4.4 ppm nitrate.

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