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Nitrate Test Kit for Livestock Feed

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Item No: 160352
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Product Information

Designed specifically for agricultural applications

  • Test nitrate levels in livestock feed
  • Five- or 25-test kits

We have finally found an easy-to-use livestock feed nitrate test that will give you results in 30 minutes. Now you can eliminate the hassles, time and expense of sending samples to a lab. Everything you need to test nitrate levels is included in each kit, including a standard to compare to the color of your individual samples. Make informed harvest and feeding decisions and protect your livestock from nitrate toxicity, especially during periods of drought. Nitrates accumulate in the bottom portion of the stem during drought conditions, so you can use this test to determine your harvesting height. Kit tests silage or any standing crop including corn, hay, wheat or oats. Testing range is 0-2,000 ppm and the standard is 1,000 ppm nitrate-N. Nitrate-N quantities over 1,000 ppm can be hazardous to livestock. Five-test kits include one standard, and 25-test kits include five standards. Instructions included. USA made. Specify either five- or 25-test kit.
NOTE: 1 ppm nitrate-N = 4.4 ppm nitrate.

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