Jobe's Organic Tree Fertilizer Spikes

Item No: 160239
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Product Information

Organic Tree Fertilizer Spikes

  • Placed directly in ground for fast absorption
  • Organic formulation is ideal for all outdoor trees and shrubs
  • Efficient feeding at the roots
  • Pre-measured to get rid of mixing and measuring
  • Spikes eliminate leaching or runoff

These unique Jobe's® spikes are the most effective way to deliver organic fertilizer to your trees. Unlike top-dressed fertilizers, these spikes are placed in the soil, where microbes will break them down for fast absorption by feeder roots. Ideal for all types of outdoor trees, including fruit and nut trees. 5-5-5 fertilizer. 10 spikes per box. USA made.
NOTE: Never apply within 30" of the trunk.

Trunk Diameter No. of Spikes
1”- 2” 3
3” 5
4” 6
5” 7

2016 Master Catalog: Page 424

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