N/A WeedGuard Plus Paper Weed Barrier -- Biodegradable

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Product Information

Paper weed barrier is effective for an entire growing season

Easy to use:

  • Roll it out
  • Sprinkle some water and soil on top
  • Poke holes and transplant seedlings
  • Let it degrade or till into the soil

WeedGuard Plus™ is a 100% opaque weed barrier made from cellulose fibers that control weeds and warm the soil to give your plants an earlier start. Contains no petro-chemicals and can be tilled into the soil or left to degrade at the end of the season. Naturally porous paper eliminates weeds but allows air and water to penetrate. Cover the edges of WeedGuard with 5" to 6" of soil at a minimum 2" depth to keep the barrier from blowing away in the wind. USA made.
NOTE: This product is allowed for use in organic plantings under the USDA National Organic Program Code 205.601.

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