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Weedivator ™ Handheld Cultivator -- Long-handled

Item No: 156314
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Product Information

Weedivator ™ handheld cultivator combines weeding and cultivating in one tool

  • Welded crossbar snags roots below surface
  • Prepare seed beds in root- and weed-infested areas
  • Cultivate, rake, pull or dig

The innovative Weedivator ™ handheld cultivator will help you prepare seed beds, even if they have sod, weeds or rocks. The handheld cultivator's unique design allows you to cultivate, rake, pull or dig. On one side, a threaded crossbar welded to four cultivating tines snags roots, weeds and rocks beneath the soil surface as you cultivate. The handheld cultivator's tines can also be thrust into sod or clumps of weed roots and easily removed with a rocking motion. Turn the Weedivator over to use a cupped scuffle hoe with a serrated edge on both sides. This hoe easily glides through soil and cuts weeds below the surface. Long-handled style is 59"L with 4-1/2" tines. Weighs 3 lbs. Imported.

2016 Master Catalog: Page 383

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