Liquid Iron for Plants

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Chelated Liquid Iron Supplement for Plants

  • Prevents or cures iron deficiency in plants
  • Ideal for turf, ornamental shrubs and trees
  • Makes iron immediately available to plants

If you have alkaline soil, then iron chlorosis may be causing new growth to have a pale green or yellow color. Iron chlorosis is caused by the lack of iron in the soil, or because iron is unavailable for uptake by your plants. This liquid iron supplement provides iron that is immediately available to your plants and remains in the soil for extended feeding. Liquid iron for plants is compatible with most tank mixes of fertilizers or pesticides. Mix 5 to 10 gals. of liquid iron for plants with enough water to cover one acre for turf application. For root feeding trees and shrubs, mix 4 oz. per inch of trunk diameter with 5 to 10 gals. of water and pour or inject around the drip line. Use 1 gal. in 64 gals. water for foliar applications. 1-gal. container. 4.7% iron oxide. USA made.

2016 Master Catalog: Page 424

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