N/A Landscape Staples -- 6"

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Biodegradable Turf Staples

  • Landscape staples are ideal for erosion control blankets or sod
  • Staples completely degrade in eight to 24 months

Eliminate the time-consuming and labor-intensive task of removing metal staples with these new biodegradable turf staples. Landscape staples will completely degrade in the soil in eight to 24 months. Unlike most plastics, which are made from fossil fuels, these landscape staples are made of a natural plastic consisting of plant sugars and vegetable oils. Bacteria in the soil degrade the staples in cold (43°F) to hot (180°F) conditions. Hard, fertile soils will cause quicker degradation. Feature two barbed ears and a barbed stake for superior holding capability. Water-resistant landscape staples will not soften from moisture or humidity during storage. Length 6". Case of 1,000. USA made.


  • MSDS - Landscape Staples -- 6" MSDS Sheet