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Mole and Gopher Garlic Repellents

Item No: 151286
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Product Information

Mole and Gopher Garlic Repellents

  • 100% organic garlic tubes remain effective for 10 to 12 months
  • Garlic odor encourages moles and gophers to relocate

Garlic repellent tubes allow you to safely and humanely repel gophers and moles with the power of garlic. Moles and gophers do not like the sulfuric compounds found in garlic and will move elsewhere. Just locate an active mound or tunnel, remove the stopper on the garlic repellent tube and drop it in. Cover the entrance hole and wait for the pests to relocate. Only the garlic odor comes out of the tube, not the garlic formulation. Once the stopper is removed, the garlic odor will be released over a 10- to 12-month period. Garlic repellent tubes will biodegrade underground in approximately 24 months. 10% garlic oil. Shelf life is one year or more on unopened tubes. Pack of 12 repellent tubes. USA made.
NOTE: Not for sale in CO or SD.

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Type of product:Dispenser
Active ingredients:Garlic oil
Ready to use:Yes
Mixing ratio:Not applicable
Makes:Not applicable
Application method:Place in tunnel
Approx. coverage area:Varied
Approx. duration:Up to 1 year
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