N/A Ultrasonic Rodent Repeller, Set of Three

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Product Information

Control rats and mice for the long term without using traps and poisons with an ultrasonic rodent repeller

The PestChaser ® ultrasonic rodent repeller emits high-frequency sound waves between 32 and 62 kHz that humans, cats, dogs, and birds cannot hear, but make rodents very uncomfortable and cause them to leave the area. Plug the ultrasonic rodent repeller into a standard 110-volt outlet. The ultrasonic rodent repeller sound waves cannot travel from room to room, so a PestChaser is needed for each room to make them rodent free. The rodents become disoriented when you first start using a PestChaser, so you may see more activity initially than normal. You should see decreased rodent activity in 6-10 days. Set of three. USA made.
NOTE: Not for sale in New Mexico, U.S. Territories or International.

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