The Tick Tool ™ Tick Removal Tool

Item No: 147008

This item is temporarily out of stock and we are unsure of the delivery date. Try our NEW TickEase Tick Remover (Item # 225745) as a substitute.

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Product Information

The Tick Tool ™ Tick Removal Tool

Remove ticks without touching them

  • One hand operation
  • Removes all tick species including deer ticks
  • Slide closure captures the tick
  • USA made

The Tick Tool ™ was designed to easily remove ticks without having to touch them. The easy-to-use tool can be operated with one hand and removes all tick species including the deer tick. The Tick Tool features a "scoop and close" design that makes removing ticks safe. The "V" notch automatically guides the tool to the point were the ticks mouth is penetrating the skin. The patented slide closure then caputures the tick in the collection scoop. USA made.

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