NoMate Codling Moth Mating Disruption -- 400 count

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Product Information

Codling Moth Mating Disruption

  • Less labor intensive than twist--ons
  • No limb or branch girdling
  • Reduces insecticide use

These easy-to-use NoMate® spirals will help reduce codling moth damage to pome fruit and walnuts by disrupting the mating communication between the male and female moths. The codling moth mating disruption spirals release a large amount of pheromone which confuses the males and keeps them from mating with females. Designed to be used along with wing traps and pheromone lures. Colding moth mating disruption spirals should be applied two to four days after catching the first male moth in a wing trap. They are easily attached by just wrapping around the tree stem or branch in the upper 1/3 of the canopy (at least 1 to 2 ft. within the radius of the canopy). Codling moth mating disruption spirals are sold in bags of 400 spirals and should be applied at a rate of 300 to 400 per acre. Red color. Codling Moth spirals provide up to 140 days of mating disruption. USA made.

NOTE: This product is for sale ONLY in the following states: Arizona, California, Michigan, North Carolina, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Washington and West Virginia.

2016 Master Catalog: Page 502


  • MSDS - NoMate Codling Moth Mating Disruptant -- 400 count MSDS Sheet