1-gal. Sludge Away Natural Pond Cleaner

Item No: 145545
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Product Information

Naturally removes sludge and muck from pond bottoms

Natural pond cleaner is ideal for ponds with rock or gravel bottoms

  • Specifically formulated to accelerate breakdown of sludge
  • Clarifies your pond water; Reduces potential harmful gases
  • Safe for fish, plants, pets and the environment
  • 80% faster than similar products
  • USA made

Sludge Away natural pond clearner is specifically formulated to accelerate the breakdown of hard-to-remove sludge and muck from the bottom of your pond and work 80% faster than similar products. As organic solids accumulate at the bottom of your pond, they begin to break down, releasing gases that can harm fish and other marine life. Sludge Away natural pond cleaner removes this layer of sludge and muck, reducing the potential harmful gases, while clarifying your pond water at the same time. This natural pond cleaner works faster at warm water temperatures, but may be used effectively at any temperature year-round. Safe for fish, plants, pets and the environment. USA made.

Apply 1 oz. per 100 gallons of pond water for each of the first 5 weeks; monthly or as necessary thereafter.

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  • MSDS - 1-gal. Sludge Away MSDS Sheet