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Deer Stopper Plotsaver Deer Barrier System Kit

Item No: 145520
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Product Information

Patented deer barrier system protects larger growing areas easier

Unlike most deer repellents that require direct application to protect plant material, this unique deer barrier system keeps deer out of areas by protecting the perimeter and keeping deer at bay. Patented method uses the proven Deer Stopper® organic deer repellent. Deer barrier kit includes 840 ft. of 3/4" ribbon (untreated) and 16 oz. of Deer Stopper concentrate repellent, which is enough to protect one acre for up to three months. To use, string absorbent poly-tape ribbon around the perimeter of plants at 30" off the ground (deer muzzle height), then spray ribbon with Deer Stopper repellent. This creates a physical and sensory deer barrier that lasts up to 30 days per application (reapply repellent to ribbon approximately every 30 days). Deer Stopper is also available in a pretreated 100-ft. black ribbon (not shown, Item No. 145519) for smaller areas that need protection. 39" support stakes (Item No. 145522) and ribbon clips (Item No. 145523) sold separately. USA made.
NOTE: Cannot be sold or shipped to U.S. Territories, International or Armed Forces.

2016 Master Catalog: Page 474

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Type of product:Liquid
Active ingredients:Putrescent egg solids, mint and rosemary oil
Ready to use:No
Mixing ratio:9:1
Makes:1.25 gallons
Application method:Spray or soak barrier ribbon
Approx. coverage area:840 linear ft.
Approx. duration:Up to 30 days
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  • MSDS - Deer Stopper Plotsaver Deer Barrier System Kit MSDS Sheet