Air Sponge ™ Odor Absorber (8-oz. Tub)

Item No: 136300
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Product Information

Air Sponge ™ odor absorber eliminates and absorbs offensive odors

Soap-based gel with activated charcoal creates a pure, fresh, healthy air quality

This non-toxic, biodegradable product is not a deodorant that just masks smells. Air Sponge ™ odor absorber actually absorbs and eliminates offensive odors with a soap-based gel that contains activated charcoal. To activate, simply open the container of Air Sponge ™ odor absorber and the gel and charcoal work together to neutralize odors, creating a pure, fresh, healthy air quality. Replace the Air Sponge ™ odor absorber when it has been reduced to 10% of its original size. Lasts up to six weeks; coverage area of 300 sq. ft. (with 8-ft. ceilings). Optional decorative cover (Item 136303, sold separately) offers a professional look. USA made.

NOTE: Do not place product near heat surfaces or in direct sunlight.

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