Shade Cloth 70% Shade

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Product Information

Create a cool, shaded environment for animals, plants or people with 70% shade cloth

  • 20-35% lighter than woven shade cloth
  • Easy to install, roll up and store

This knit high-density polyethylene 70% shade cloth is both effective and low cost. The material cuts down on UV penetration and keeps the area underneath cooler and shaded. This knit material has better strength, ventilation and water permeability when compared with woven shade barriers. It is also 20-35% lighter than woven shade cloth so it is easy to install, roll up and store, plus it puts less stress on the support structure. Lock-stitch weave can be cut without unraveling. Our 70% shade cloth does not require taping and is easy to repair if punctured. Material is chemical resistant against pesticides, detergents and other chemicals. Black color. USA made.

NOTE: Grommets sold separately, Item No. 127727.

Shade UV sensitive plants
Shade for livestock and poultry
Shade for outdoor work area
Greenhouse coverings
Hail protection
Bird Netting
Temporary fencing
Truck Tarping
Erosion control

Reduces moisture loss from evaporation
Keeps birds at bay
Cuts UV penetration
Cools plants, animals and people underneath
Better ventilation than woven materials
Resists chemical sprays
Light weight is easy on support structure
Water permeable for rainfall and irrigation

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