Sludge Judge® Ultra Sampler

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Product Information

Sludge Judge® Ultra Sampler

This sampling device gives you the power to take accurate readings onsettled solids in a variety of liquids, at any depth. Made from rigid, 3/4"-dia. polycarbonate that won't bend when full of water. Comes in three5-ft. sections (top, extension and bottom). Top section is made with anylon line for raising the sample. Sampler holds approximately 3 oz. ofsolids per foot. Marked with tape to designate 1-ft. measurements on thetubing. It's also treated with a UV stabilizer to help reduce sun damage.Durable in cold temperatures and withstands temperatures up to 280°F. Ideal for sewage treatment plants, chemical plants, food processingfacilities, etc. USA made.

NOTE: Not autoclavable. Do not use to sampleethanol or ethanol-blended fuel.

2016 Master Catalog: Page 461